Freshen Up Winter Skin With a Rejuvenating Photofacial

Brighten winter skin with a photofacial.

The sun’s assault on your skin year after year can take a toll. But it doesn’t have to. Now that winter is upon us, there’s no better time to remedy those sunspots, as well as, broken capillaries, stretch marks, and acne scars. And there’s no better way to do it than with a rejuvenating photofacial.

At KeyLife Med Spa in San Antonio, Texas, we use this amazing technology to revive tired, discolored skin. Here’s how.

Understanding Photoaging

While photoaging may sound like something that’s camera-ready, in reality, it describes the damage that the sun’s UV rays can cause on your skin. Let’s start with age spots — those brownish areas of discoloration that develop as the years go by.

Age spots, brown spots, liver spots — whatever you call them, they’re likely most unwelcome additions to your skin. They are a result of an overproduction of melanin, the natural pigment found in your skin. As you age, your melanin can cluster together and form areas of hyperpigmentation, which are typically found on the most exposed areas of your skin, such as your face, hands, and arms.

With our system, we send beams of intense pulsed light into your pigment to break it up. We use a special wavelength that’s easily absorbed by the melanin, which receives the light energy as heat. This heat effectively destroys the pigment, leaving your body to flush away the debris through its lymphatic system.

Among the many benefits of a photofacial is that there is no downtime. You may experience some minor swelling or redness after your treatment, but these will disappear within a few hours.

While our IPL photofacial works extremely well on age spots, it also tackles other pigmented lesions, such as freckles and birthmarks.

Broken up

If your face is becoming a tangled web of spider veins or you suffer from rosacea, the IPL photofacial is able to effectively tackle vascular lesions of all kinds.

With tiny facial veins called telangiectasia, which is usually a result of age, pregnancy, or overexposure to the elements, we can direct the light energy into the blood vessels causing them to constrict and break apart. Once destroyed, your body reroutes your blood (if the vein was active) into healthier blood vessels and naturally absorbs the old vessels.

When it comes to rosacea, our IPL technology can diminish the redness, flushing, and visible facial veins that are the hallmarks of the condition.

In addition to facial veins and rosacea, our IPL photofacial can also address other vascular lesions, such as port wine stains, and stretch marks

One of the greatest advantages of an IPL photofacial is that we’re able to direct the energy straight into the problematic vasculature or pigmentation without affecting your surrounding skin.

If you’d like to learn whether an IPL photofacial can remedy your ski flaws, leaving you with a more evenly toned complexion, book a consultation with KeyLife Med Spa, either by calling the spa or using the online scheduling tool.


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