Get Rid of Scars With Laser Therapy

If your scarring is extensive, you might need more than one treatment session to achieve your desired results. To schedule an

Contrary to popular wisdom, you don't necessarily have to live with your scars. With laser therapy, you can renew your skin and reduce the appearance of visible scarring. If you want to erase your scars from the surface of your skin, laser therapy might be the solution for you. 

At Key Life Medspa, Anwar Gerges, MD has the expertise you can trust to improve your appearance through laser therapy to remove your scars for good and help you permanently achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Laser precision

With today's medical laser technology, we can use a focused beam of light to remove the damaged outer layer of your skin, where scarring is visible. Dr. Gerges calibrates the laser to target damaged skin, revealing the fresh new surface beneath. Laser therapy treatment also stimulates your skin to increase your production of collagen. With more collagen, your healing skin has greater moisture content and elasticity.

While laser therapy doesn't completely eliminate scar tissues, it does significantly reduce, and in many cases, completely erase visible scarring. Laser treatment can reduce the appearance of skin flaws including: 

Laser treatment decreases scar prominence and visibility, giving you significantly clearer skin. 

A new start

When you come in for a treatment, Dr. Gerges use a topical anesthetic to make sure you don't experience any discomfort during the procedure. Laser therapy is an outpatient procedure, without significant downtime or much recovery needed. However, you will need to take care during healing to make sure you end up with scar-free surface skin. You can expect to have some mild side effects, including pain, swelling, redness, and oozing.

Side effects should be resolved in just a few days, and you should continue to see improving results for 3-10 days after treatment as your collagen levels rise and your skin heals cleanly. It may take a month or so for complete results to become visible. For each of his patients, Dr. Gerges develops at-home regimens for care of the treated area that promotes healing and prevents infection.

At Key Life Medspa, we assess your scarring to let you know if laser therapy will work for you. Laser therapy isn't for everyone. We don't recommend laser therapy for patients who smoke, use tanning beds, or get extensive sun exposure. 

If your scarring is extensive, you might need more than one treatment session to achieve your desired results. To schedule an initial consultation appointment and discuss what laser therapy could do to reduce or remove your scars, call our San Antonio, Texas office today, or use the online booking tool at your convenience


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