Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Are unsightly stretch marks getting you down? You’re not alone. An estimated 50% - 90% of women have stretch marks — and men can get them, too! They can appear anywhere on the body, including the tummy, breasts, arms, hips, and buttocks.  

At KeyLife Med Spa, our team, led by Anwar Gerges, MD, wants to help you feel good about the skin you’re in. That’s why we offer laser treatment for stretch marks to the men and women of San Antonio, Texas. Your skin is left revitalized as your stretch marks fade away. 

Why do I have stretch marks?

You have stretch marks because of the way your skin and body grew. Stretch marks are scars that are created when your skin is forced to stretch quickly over a short period of time. That’s why they usually form during puberty, pregnancy, weight gain, or when you build muscles quickly.

While you may see stretch marks on the surface of your skin, they actually form because of what happens deeper down. When your body grows, the middle layers of your skin stretch to make room for your bigger size. If they can’t keep up because your body changes size rapidly, these middle layers tear and create scars.

The scars left behind are called stretch marks, and they can look different on different people depending on your skin color and undertones. At first, stretch marks may look purple, reddish, or pink. However, over time they fade to have a silvery blue, white, or red tone.   

How does laser therapy treat stretch marks?

At KeyLife Med Spa, Dr. Gerges or your provider uses a cutting-edge laser therapy system called PicoSure™ by Cynosure®, the leading developers and manufacturers of aesthetic treatment applications.  

The PicoSure lasers use light energy to gently heat the deeper layers of your skin and encourage your body to produce more collagen. Collagen works to help your skin’s elasticity and replace the surface layers of your skin with new, unscarred tissue. 

As your body’s natural collagen production is stimulated, the visible scarring on the surface layers of your skin is reduced as new skin takes the place of the old. You may need several treatment sessions for optimal results. 

The team at KeyLife Med Spa creates a personalized treatment plan for your unique stretch marks. After evaluating your skin’s condition and the severity of your stretch marks, Dr. Gerges or another team member lets you know how many sessions should help your skin.    

Ready to say goodbye to unsightly stretch marks? Contact the San Antonio office of KeyLife Med Spa or request an appointment online now!

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