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Start Vanquish ME Treatment Now and Be Rid of Those Pesky Fat Deposits by Bikini Season

You can be dedicated and consistent with your workout plan and diet, and still need a little help getting your ideal figure.

We all know that diet and exercise simply isn’t enough for everyone. In fact, the kind of time and commitment that it takes to get the body of your dreams can be a drain on your time and resources, even for the most thorough and dedicated individuals. Our team at Key Life Medspa wants to offer you the chance to get a little closer to the silhouette of your dreams. 

In addition to a good diet, exercise, and effective stress management, adding Vanquish ME treatments to your routine can give you a leg up on your lifelong fitness journey. With bikini season just a few months away, it’s still not too late to start working on your summer figure. Dr. Anwar Gerges leads our team in comfortable and personable patient care, and is always happy to answer any big (or small) questions that you may have about Vanquish ME.   

I’ve never heard of Vanquish ME. What is it?

Vanquish ME is a phenomenal new type of laser treatment that helps contour the body to a more ideal shape. This treatment is meant to take you to the proverbial finish line of your hard work with diet and exercise. Despite this, if you have a body mass index, or BMI, over 30, you’re still an eligible candidate for this procedure. 

Vanquish ME is designed to target fat cells for destruction. This means that the laser’s function is to disrupt the structure of the fatty cell, turning your body’s cells against it. The healthy cells destroy the damaged ones, allowing the unwanted fat to be flushed out through your body’s natural processes. 

The best part of Vanquish ME is that all you need is four sessions to look significantly better. With sessions just one week apart, you’re a month away from a new you. 

How do I know if I’m a candidate? 

We always require a private consultation with Dr. Gerges before you begin any of our treatments. The typical patient has already established healthy eating habits, and is physically active. There are some medical devices that are not compatible with the laser, and Dr. Gerges tells you if any medical device you have will disqualify you from this treatment. 

What happens in a session?

After you’ve changed into your doctor-recommended attire for the procedure, we will have you lie down on a comfortable surface. A licensed and vetted member of our team works with Dr. Gerges to determine the intensity of the laser that’s right for you. Vanquish ME is the only fat reduction treatment laser that works without any part of the device touching your skin. This minimizes side effects, and offers all of our eligible patients a positive experience. 

This noninvasive procedure takes 45 minutes per session, at the most. Ask Dr. Gerges how long you will need, as this can vary from person to person. If you think that you’ll get bored during that time, bring a book with you. Cell phone signals can interrupt the fragile device, and we want to be able to offer this treatment to as many people as we can. 

At the end of your session, there’s no downtime. You won’t need to ask a loved one for a ride home, and you may see results as soon as one week after your second session. 

Does it hurt?

The treatment has been described as a pleasantly warm sensation, akin to warm sunlight. Since the device doesn’t make contact with your skin, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll experience a burning sensation, or soreness. The worst of the side effects include a lingering warm feeling at the site. 

How do I get Vanquish ME?

Start by calling us to make an appointment with Dr. Gerges. If you’d rather see a calendar with available times, we have an online scheduling tool available for your convenience. If Dr. Gerges doesn’t see anything in your medical history that causes concern, we can schedule your first treatment as soon as you’re available. We’re excited to be a part of your journey, and can’t wait to assist you. 

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