Summer Bodies are Made in Winter: Learn About Vanquish Non-Invasive Body Scultping

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter: Learn About Vanquish Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

While it may not yet be bathing suit season, hotter temperatures in San Antonio are right around the corner. Will you be ready to put your best foot — and waistline — forward this summer? Here at KeyLife Med Spa, San Antonio’s premier medical spa, we can help you get a jumpstart on a slimmer silhouette by summer.

Our medical aesthetics experts offer Vanquish ME™ noninvasive body-contouring treatments for men and women who want to reshape stubborn areas of fat without surgery. Summer bodies are made in winter: learn how Vanquish ME noninvasive body sculpting can slim down your waist and thighs before it’s time to put on a bathing suit.

Disrupt abdominal fat cells without discomfort

The BTL Vanquish ME body-contouring system is a contactless technology that comfortably destroys fat cells in your trouble spots without being invasive. The only thing that touches your body is a safe and effective level of radiofrequency (RF) energy.

The Vanquish ME fat-reducing device also has the largest treatment area in the industry. This means you can treat an area that encompasses your whole abdomen and love handles in the same session. It also means there aren’t any body mass index (BMI) restrictions, although you’ll see the best results if you’re already close to your ideal weight.

Vanquish ME treatments destroy fat cells by heating them to a specific temperature and leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. The patented Selective RFTM technology allows your provider to position the Vanquish ME device so it reduces the circumference of your entire abdominal area in one shot.

The device wraps around you while you lie comfortably on the treatment table. From about an inch away from your skin, the device gently heats your fat tissue. You feel like you’re relaxing with a heating pad. Some men and women even take a nap during their 45-minute session.

Vanquish ME trims your thighs, too

Just as Vanquish ME slims down your stomach, it trims your thighs, too. Inner and outer thighs take just 30 minutes to treat, as the device easily wraps around them, just like with your midsection. Since the device never comes in contact with any treatment area, comfort is one of the main advantages of the Vanquish ME system.

No downtime, just lasting results

After a session for your abs or thighs, there’s no downtime. Schedule each of your Vanquish ME appointments about a week apart during your lunch hour, if that’s convenient for you. Most men and women achieve optimal results from four Vanquish ME sessions, so your aesthetic experts at KeyLife Med Spa customize the number of treatments based on your individual needs.

You may notice an improvement after just a couple of weeks, but it takes your body several weeks to completely dispose of damaged fat cells. Expect to see the most dramatic difference after a couple of months — just in time for summer, if you start now!

Because Vanquish ME destroys fat cells, they don’t return, so results are permanent. When you lose weight, fat cells just shrink, but they’re still there. When you disrupt fat cells with RF energy, your body eliminates them naturally through your lymphatic system. These cells are gone for good, so you get permanent results as long as you don’t gain weight and cause any remaining fat cells to expand.

The Vanquish ME system offers advantages over other body sculpting methods

As the only contactless body contouring system on the market, the Vanquish ME system is already leaps ahead of other body-sculpting methods that cause discomfort during treatment or require an invasive procedure. Vanquish ME is also capable of treating a larger targeted area, .so you can reduce more fat in a single session. Since the device custom-fits to your body, contouring appears more uniform than with other methods that only treat a smaller targeted area.

Finally, BTL Vanquish ME heats fat to a controlled temperature, so there’s no risk at all of a condition called “paradoxical adipose hyperplasia,” which can occur with tissue-freezing fat-reduction methods. And of course, surgical procedures are typically riskier than noninvasive treatments.

If you’re already dreading swimsuit season, or you’re dreaming about having a flatter belly and more slender thighs by the time you try on your first bathing suit of the summer, Vanquish ME can help. Start noninvasive body sculpting while it’s still winter and be ready to show off your summer body in no time.

To schedule a consultation with the medical aesthetics team at KeyLife Med Spa, click the button on this website, or call the office during business hours.


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